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2017-2018 AMPAC Board of Directors

AMPAC is led by its Board of Directors.  The board makes all final decisions on AMPAC’s policies and contributions.  Each director is a member of the American Medical Association or the AMA Alliance.  Of the 12 board members, there are ten physicians, one resident physician and one medical student.  Each member serves on the board in two-year terms.

Vidya S. Kora, MD
Michigan City, IN
Lyle Thorstenson, MD
Nacogdoches, TX
Grayson W. Armstrong, MD
Boston, MA
Resident Physician Member
Brooke M. Buckley, MD
Annapolis, MD
Steven J. Fleischman, MD
New Haven, CT
Linda B. Ford, MD
Bellevue, NE
Benjamin Z. Galper, MD
McClean, VA
Dev A. GnanaDev, MD
Colton, CA
Stephen A. Imbeau, MD
Florence, SC
Ashtin Jeney
Washington, DC
Medical Student Member
James L. Milam, MD
Libertyville, IL
Michael Suk, MD
Milton, PA

Pictured from left to right: Linda B. Ford, MD, Stephen A. Imbeau, MD, Grayson W. Armstrong, MD, Benjamin Z. Galper, MD, Ashtin Jeney, Vidya S. Kora, MD, Lyle Thorstenson, MD, Dev A. GnanaDev, MD, Michael Suk, MD, James L. Milam, MD, Brooke M. Buckley, MD, Steven J. Fleischman, MD