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AMPAC Holds 2017 Campaign School

A tight race in a swing district was once again the backdrop for AMPAC’s annual Campaign School on October 26-29 in Washington, DC. 22 participants from 17 states worked on the Congressional “campaigns” of either a Democrat or Republican. The participants included 14 physicians, 4 medical students, 2 state medical society staff members and 1 spouse.

Recognized as one of the top programs in the country, the campaign school is AMPAC’s annual program for AMA member physicians, residents, students, spouses and state medical society staff who want to improve their political campaign skills. The core curriculum is centered on building skills in campaign strategy and message; and the 2017 Workbook allowed participants an advance opportunity to learn the basics of strategy, targeting and message. A series of online videos augmented the Workbook, and will hopefully provide the basis for transitioning portions of the curriculum to a webinar or web recording format.

The program opened with the first of two speech coaching sessions where participants presented a two-minute speech on “why I’m running.” After that participants were broken into campaign “staff” teams, and over the course of the next two and half days applied what they learned in real life exercises in strategy, vote targeting, social media, paid advertising and public speaking. Insider tactics were taught by experts from both sides of the political spectrum. These professionals are the experts currently advising campaigns at every level around the country.