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AMPAC Regional Campaign and Grassroots Seminars

This program, introduced in 2004, is a traveling, one-day version of AMPAC’s Campaign School and Candidate Workshop.  The AMPAC Regional Campaign and Grassroots Seminars are designed to provide training in political campaigns and grassroots lobbying, so that physicians and friends of medicine can help advance medicine’s agenda at all levels of government. The Seminar introduces participants to the fundamentals of modern advocacy techniques and political campaigns, including:

Participants will leave the Seminar with the knowledge to make a positive impact on a political or legislative campaign.

The Seminar is designed to be co-hosted by AMPAC and a state medical society, with AMPAC covering the cost of faculty and materials and a state society securing a meeting space, meals (if necessary), and inviting attendees.  If your a state medical society is interested in co-hosting a future Seminar, please email politicaleducation@ama-assn.org or call 202-789-7465.

Regional seminars have been co-hosted by: