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AMPAC Conducts Another Successful Candidate Workshop!

AMPAC conducted its annual Candidate Workshop on February 15-17, in Washington DC. 36 physicians, students and spouses from all over the country have to come to the Workshop to learn what it takes to run a competitive campaign for public office, and hopefully follow in the footsteps of the 13 recent Workshop graduates who won elections in 2012. The Workshop began with a keynote address from Congressman (and Workshop alumnus) Phil Roe, MD (TN-1) who spent the entire first session with the attendees and talked about his experiences as a physician, candidate and Congressman. The remainder of the Workshop will examine every aspect of a campaign, from grassroots organizing, media advertising, social media and fundraising.

Spots are also still available for the 2013 Campaign School, held April 17-21. AMA members, apply today!