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AMPAC Co-hosts Seminar With MSSNY

On April 11, 35 physicians attended a Regional Campaign and Grassroots Seminar in advance of the Medical Society of the State of New York’s (MSSNY) Annual Meeting in Tarrytown, NY.  The Seminar agenda covered grassroots advocacy and the importance of political involvement.  Stephanie Vance of Advocacy Associates helped attendees craft more effective advocacy “asks,” and helped physicians craft messages specific to 2 major policy issues facing New York physicians: liability reform and collective negotiation.   John Sweeney and Jim Wilson of AMA staff focused on specific ways physicians can get involved in political campaigns and on the critical factors that physicians must account for when and if they decide to seek office themselves.

The AMPAC Regional Campaign and Grassroots Seminars are designed to provide training in political campaigns and grassroots lobbying, so that physicians and friends of medicine can help advance medicine’s agenda at all levels of government.  AMPAC arranges for faculty and materials, and asks that a state medical society provide meeting space, meals and invite attendees.  If your state society would like more information on co-hosting a Regional Seminar in 2013 or 2014, please contact Jim Wilson, Political Education Programs Manager, at jim.wilson@ama-assn.org