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AMPAC Holds 2014 Campaign School

On April 2-6, AMPAC held the 2014 edition of the Campaign School in Arlington, Va.  31 attendees (the largest group in several years) included 20 physicians, 5 students, 4 spouses/family members, and 2 Federation staff.  The participants hailed from 22 states (AZ, CA, CO, DE, FL, GA, HI, ID, KY, MD, MA, MI, MS, NH, NJ, OK, OR, TN, TX, VA, WA, WI).

The School is AMPAC’s annual political “boot camp” for physicians and friends of medicine who want to become more effective campaigners for physician-friendly candidates.  The curriculum is centered on a simulated campaign for public office featuring a Republican and Democratic candidate.  Each participant is assigned to a team of 4-5 “staffers” who attend lectures each day and hone their skills through exercises in vote targeting, recording a radio ad, asking for campaign contributions and giving a surrogate speech. A new element of the curriculum this year was a Workbook sent weeks in advance of the School that allowed participants to acquire grounding in fundamental concepts of strategy, targeting and message.  The Workbook seems to have achieved its goal, as many of the radio ads recorded by the teams were exceptionally strong.

Once again, the School was met with exceptionally high reviews from attendees: on the question “This school increased my understanding of the basic elements involved in a successful political campaign, 96% of participants gave the School a “10” or a “9” on a 10-point scale.

The dates for the 2015 AMPAC Campaign School and Candidate Workshop are still being finalized.  For AMA members and spouses, AMPAC covers rooms, meals, materials and faculty, an outstanding value for an AMA membership.  If you would like to be notified when the 2015 dates are set, please contact Jim Wilson, Manager of Political Education Programs, at jim.wilson@ama-assn.org.