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AMPAC hosts 2018 Candidate Workshop in Washington, DC

Ever wonder how doctors get elected to Congress or your state legislature? On March 2-4, a collection of physicians, physician spouses, residents and medical students from around the country came to Washington, DC to find out. Attendees of the two-day Candidate Workshop were taught the ins and outs of how to run a winning political campaign. The agenda included a bevy of bi-partisan political and campaign veterans who spoke from years of experience on topics such as the secret of effective fundraising, the importance of developing a disciplined campaign plan and message, and how to handle the inevitable crises that emerge for every campaign.

The Candidate Workshop is just one of the political education programs that AMPAC provides for physicians, spouses and state medical society staff who have ever entertained running for public office. For more information on these programs please visit AMPAConline.org