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AMPAC Releases Latest Round of Physician Candidate Research

At the September 19-20 AMPAC Federation Meeting in Washington, DC, AMPAC unveiled the latest edition of its Physicians as Candidates research project. The research was conducted by prominent polling firm Public Opinion Strategies, and consisted of focus groups as well as a national survey.

Several advantages and challenges emerged from the research, findings that potential physician candidates would do well to heed if they are weighing a run for public office:

• Doctors are held in very high esteem by the public-they are seen as ethical, honest and highly educated. These attributes are assets for any doctor seeking public office.
• Despite these advantages, voters’ are still overwhelmingly concerned with jobs and the economy, and because they also suspect that physicians’ experience is limited to health care, physician candidates need to demonstrate an economic plan.

Please email us if you would like a copy of the research.