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Another AMPAC Grad Wins Election!

AMPAC would like to congratulate the latest of its graduates to win election. On August 7, teacher and small business owner Steve Bergquist emerged as the top vote getter in the primary for the 11th District (2nd position) of Washington State’s House of Representatives.

Steve’s was a true grassroots campaign, as he had no paid staff and a team of 250 volunteers. He personally knocked on 12,000 doors in the district and contacted 27,000 of the district’s 65,000 registered voters. This level of voter contact helped him overcome being outspent $290,000 to $48,000 by one candidate and having independent expenditures totaling $140,000 on behalf of another candidate.

Steve and his wife Avanti Bergquist, MD (a child psychiatrist) attended the 2012 AMPAC Candidate Workshop to prepare for Steve’s first run for public office. He says the Workshop was vital in helping him prepare for the campaign. Steve also enjoyed strong support from the Washington State Medical Society.

Despite not winning the fundraising race, Steve held a significant advantage thanks to his attendance at the AMPAC Candidate Workshop: his ability to deliver a clear and compelling message on behalf of his candidacy. Throughout the district, Steve stressed his roots in Renton: he was born, raised and schooled in the district, is a teacher at local Lindbergh high school, and owns and operates his own small business in the district. This emphasis on his deep roots in the community strongly resonated with the voters he spoke with.

For more information on the 2013 Candidate Workshop and Campaign School, please visit the Political Education page. Congratulations Steve and good luck in November!