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KPAC, AMPAC Host 2nd 2014 Regional Seminar

On February 26, AMPAC conducted a Regional Campaign and Grassroots Seminar with Kentucky Medical Association (KMA) in Frankfort, KY.  Over 50 physicians, residents, students, spouses and state and county staff attended. The Seminar coincided with KMA’s Physicians’ Day at the Capitol in Frankfort.  After a morning of visits with state lawmakers on key issues like liability reform and smoke free workplaces and public spaces, KMA members returned for the Seminar. AMPAC faculty member Stephanie Vance provided attendees with a checklist for effective advocacy communication with lawmakers on the local, state or federal level.  Role-playing exercises also provided practical opportunities to reinforce the development of advocacy communication skills.  Jim Wilson of AMA staff reviewed resources for physician involvement in grassroots lobbying, including the upcoming March 5 Day of Action on SGR repeal.  Mr. Wilson also discussed discrete activities physicians can undertake on the campaign trail—as Get-Out-the-Vote specialists and fundraisers—to enhance medicine’s political influence.

The Seminar was very well-received by KMA members. The February Seminar is the second of at least six Seminars scheduled thus far in 2014.  96% of participants strongly agreed (83%)  or agreed (13%) that the session enabled them to utilize new communication techniques with legislators.  On January 25, AMPAC cohosted a Seminar with Oregon Medical Association in Portland, with over 40 physicians, spouses and friends of medicine attending.  Reviews for that program were also strong, with 93% rating it either excellent (60%) or good (33%). A report on that program can be found at http://www.ampaconline.org/ompac-ampac-co-host-regional-campaign-grassroots-seminar

Upcoming Seminars will be held on: March 22 with North Carolina Medical Society, April 4 with The Ohio State Medical Association, April 10 with the Medical Society of New York and April 25 with Nevada State Medical Association.  Discussions are also underway for Seminars withColorado Medical Society and the Medical Society of Virginia for Seminars later in 2014.

The AMPAC Regional Campaign and Grassroots Seminars are designed to provide training in political campaigns and grassroots lobbying, so that physicians and friends of medicine can help advance medicine’s agenda at all levels of government. AMPAC arranges for faculty and materials, and asks that a state medical society provide meeting space, meals and invite attendees. If your state society would like more information on co-hosting a Regional Seminar, please contact Jim Wilson, political education programs manager, at jim.wilson@ama-assn.org