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Andy Eisen, MD

Member of the Nevada State Assembly, District 21 (2012-2014)

Biographical Info:
Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. Education at Northwestern University Medical School – Honors Program in Medical Education. Residency/Chief Residency at Phoenix Children’s Hospital/Maricopa Medical Center. Residency Director,

University of Nevada School of Medicine Pediatric Residency Program (2000-2006). Associate Dean for Clinical Education, Touro University Nevada (2006-present)

What other leadership positions have you held (AMA, Specialties, PACs)?
Clark County Medical Society Board of Trustees; Treasurer (2011-2012), Secretary (2012-present)

Which Program (Campaign School/Candidate Workshop) did you attend?
Candidate Workshop, 2010.

Have you run for public office? What was the result?
Ran for NV Assembly (District 21) in 2012. Won.

Have the programs helped in your political careers? How?
Absolutely. I felt like I had a better sense of what to expect. It also helped me to think about how my skills as a physician could be brought to bear on the political process (both campaigning and legislating).

Have the programs helped in your medical/advocacy careers? How?
Certainly. Again, being better prepared to navigate the process. What was the most important thing you learned from AMPAC programs? That it was possible to be successful and that, if done well, is a way to take care of thousands of patients all at once.

What would you say to members of the medical community thinking about becoming involved in politics?
It’s not for the faint of heart! Honestly, if your goal is self-promotion or enrichment, stay out. If you want to find a way to help your community and contribute your expertise to the discussion, are willing to put in the hours, and are prepared to be in a worse position financially as a result, it’s incredibly personally satisfying.