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Susan Paddack

State Senator Susan Paddack
Ada, OK
Physician Spouse (Husband is Internal Medicine)

What other leadership positions have you held (AMA, Specialties, PACs)? When?
AMA Alliance president 2000-01; AMPAC board member 2002-04.

Which Program (Campaign School/Candidate Workshop) did you attend?
Candidate Workshop; 2003.

Have you run for public office? What was the result?
Yes; Elected State Senator in 2004 and re-elected without an opponent in 2008.

Have the programs helped in your political careers? How?
Yes; the workshop gave great “food for thought” especially the advice that it is YOUR name on the ballot, not the consultant’s so remember who has control of what you do—that was very appropriate advice to heed.

Have the programs helped in your medical/advocacy careers? How?
I can’t say that the program helped in my advocacy because that passion was already there prior to the program in which I participated.

What was the most important thing you learned from AMPAC programs?
That a campaign is a very deliberate process and that it takes a variety of methods to get the word out about your campaign; I believe that I ran a more professional campaign than most first time candidates because I had the knowledge base that I received from the candidate workshop.

What would you say to members of the medical community thinking about becoming involved in politics?
Just do it! It’s your profession, it’s your livelihood, you are the guardians of healthcare and no one knows or understands better than you what we need for quality healthcare in this nation. If not you, how can you complain about what is being done that does not enhance the quality of care for patients?