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AMPAC, NSMA Co-Host Grassroots Seminar

On April 25, 2014, 30 physicians participated in a Regional Grassroots and Campaign Seminar co-hosted by AMPAC and the Nevada State Medical Association (NSMA). The Seminar began with AMPAC faculty member Stephanie Vance providing attendees with practical ways to contact and build relationships with lawmakers, focusing on researching their backgrounds and then developing a compelling message.

The next portion of the Seminar featured a panel discussion on upcoming issues for the 2015 Nevada legislative session.  The discussion began with Assemblyman Andy Eisen, MD (an AMPAC Candidate Workshop graduate) sharing his experiences as a first-time legislator. NSMA staff identified key members of the legislature working on each of key issues so that members could contact them. NSMA’s Seminar was the sixth of seven Seminars AMPAC co-hosted with state societies in 2014.