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Another Successful AMPAC Federation Meeting

In concert with 53 guests from 25 states, AMPAC recently concluded the annual AMPAC Federation Meeting on September 19-20, 2013 in Washington, DC.

On September 19, AMPAC’s state guests along with the AMPAC Board of Directors made over 100 visits to Senators’ and Representatives’ offices to maintain pressure on Congress to finally repeal the outdated SGR formula.

The PAC portion of the program opened with a review of the AMPAC Campaign School from campaign strategist and longtime AMPAC faculty member Carlyle Gregory.  Next, Robert Blizzard of Public Opinion Strategies unveiled the latest edition of AMPAC’s Physicians as Candidates research project, which has sought to gauge public sentiment about physicians seeking public office.  The research, a summary of which can be found here, demonstrates that while physicians enjoy high esteem from the public as caring and problem-solving professionals, continued overwhelming concerns about jobs and the economy present a hurdle for physician candidates; voters are concerned that physicians may not have sufficient expertise to get the economy moving again.

The first day concluded with a review of the 2014 political environment by renowned political handicapper Stu Rothenberg.  September 20 featured breakout discussion on best practices for PAC fundraising tactics and strategies and concluded with a talk from fundraising expert Mike Dunn on how to best utilize policy issues in PAC fundraising pitches.

A preliminary review of the meeting evaluations indicates that the program was very well received by the state medical society attendees. Tentative dates for the 2014 AMPAC Federation Meeting should be available after the AMPAC Board meets during the AMA 2013 Interim Meeting.