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CA CD-53: College professor Tom Wong (D) becomes 13th Dem to enter open seat congressional race.

NY CD-2: Ex-Amityville Village Trustee & Navy vet Nick LaLota (R) becomes 2nd GOP to enter open seat congressional race.

Rep. Peter T. King, a 14-term Republican congressman from New York, announces retirement https://t.co/4GUofJykd6

Jeff Sessions, ex-attorney general, plans to run for former Senate seat in Alabama https://t.co/5xNFleQig3


AMPAC to host 2020 Candidate Workshop in Washington, DC

Ever wonder how Doctors get elected to Congress or your state legislature? Considering a run for office for yourself? The AMPAC Candidate Workshop will teach you how to run a winning political campaign, just like we taught many of your AMA colleagues over the years.

The Candidate Workshop is designed to help you make the leap from the exam room to the campaign trail and give you the skills and strategic approach you will need to make a run for public office.

Registration for this event is now OPEN. For more information, e-mail politicaleducation@ama-assn.org or call (202) 789-7455

Upcoming Events

AMPAC’s Capitol Club Luncheon – 2019 Interim Meeting

AMPAC will be hosting a private luncheon for all 2019 Capitol Club members from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. on Monday, November 18th. AMPAC’s special guest will be Stephen Fried, award winning journalist and New York Times best-selling author. Mr. Fried will be discussing his latest work, George Washington Book Prize finalist, Rush. The story of Benjamin Rush, a visionary physician and political thinker who was advisor to, and caretaker of America’s first leaders. He served as Surgeon General of the MORE