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ME USSSEN (Pan Atlantic Research): US Sen Angus King (I) 57%, Eric Brakey (R) 30%, Zak Ringelstein (D) 8% Retweeted by AMPAC

My latest for @NBCNews: the 75 districts - and nine types of races - that will decide the fate of the House. nbcnews.com/politics/elect… Retweeted by AMPAC

AZ USSEN (Data Orbital): Kyrsten Sinema (D) 47%, Martha McSally (R) 41%, Angela Green (G) 3% Retweeted by AMPAC

FL CD-15 (NYT/Siena): Ross Spano (R) 43%, Kristen Carlson (D) 43% Retweeted by AMPAC


AMPAC now accepting nominations for the “AMPAC Award for Political Participation”

The AMPAC Award for Political Participation recognizes an AMA or AMA Alliance member for outstanding accomplishment through volunteer activities in a political campaign or a significant health care related election issue such as a ballot initiative or referendum. (more…)

Upcoming Events

AMPAC to host 2018 Campaign School in Washington, DC

Ever wonder what it takes to run a successful campaign?  Join us December 6-9 in Washington at the 2018 AMPAC Campaign School and we’ll teach you how to run a winning political campaign, just like we taught many of your colleagues over the years! Running an effective campaign can be the difference between winning and losing a race. That’s why the AMPAC Campaign School is designed to give you the skills and strategic approach you will need out on the MORE