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Residents & Students

AMPAC highly values resident physicians and medical students. As the future of medicine, your involvement with AMPAC strengthens the voice of organized medicine.  Furthermore, your participation allows AMPAC to support federal candidates who understand the critical issues residents and students face.

The AMA advocates for many legislative issues on behalf of residents and students.  Some of those issues include:

The interests of resident physicians and medical students are also represented on the AMPAC Board. The AMPAC Board consists of nine physicians, one alliance representative, one resident physician and one medical student who all serve two-year terms.

Dana M. Block-Abraham, DO was appointed to the AMPAC Board in 2012 and is a Fellow at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, MD. Amy F. Ho is a medical student from Dallas, TX and also began her term on the AMPAC Board in 2012.

AMPAC Membership

AMPAC recognizes the challenging financial situation that resident physicians and medical students have as they begin their career in medicine.  Therefore residents, students and their spouses receive a reduced AMPAC membership at all four levels.

AMPAC also urges residents and students to get further involved in advocating for your profession by learning more about the following groups: