Political Education

Every day, physicians confront challenges to providing the best care for their patients: the threat of liability lawsuits, scope of practice expansions, and mandates for electronic medical records, to name just a few. And increasingly, physicians realize that involvement in the political process is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity.

Therefore every year, scores of physicians and their spouses seek public office or work to help elect physicians and friends of medicine to offices across the country.

Members of the medical community involved in a campaign or considering seeking public office will get the skills and answers they need in AMPAC’s Political Education Programs. AMPAC, a pioneer in membership association political action, has offered these programs for over 30 years and has trained thousands of physicians to be successful candidates and activists. Graduates have gone on to win election to public office at every level across the country, from Alderman and City Councilman to U.S. Congressman and Senator!

If you are interested in doing more for medicine, please read more about AMPAC’s Political Education Programs from the drop down menu above.  The Campaign School trains physicians to work on campaigns and become sought after activists. The Candidate Workshop prepares physicians to make their own run for public office.